Identity of Things

IDoT provides IoT devices with a unique identity, particularly those that perform critical operations and must be monitored in detail. This robust identity allows guaranteeing the sending of that information generated by the device in a secure way, using end-to-end encryption with an own certificate issued on the fly by Telefónica.

Information sent by the device cannot only be used by the client services, but it will also be possible to publish it encrypted on Blockchain so that it may be audited (if necessary) without losing control of the information.

Thanks to IDoT-Beacon, the inclusion in existing environments is really simple, since the beacon incorporates all the mechanisms to make the connection between the device and the IDoT admin console possible.

Key Technologies


CapaciCard technology incorporated in the beacon allows requesting a physical-possession test of the device at any time, such request being sent to those users who need to operate with them. By doing so, it will be possible both to audit all these interventions and to ensure that the device is handled only by who is expected to be handled.


Thanks to TrustOS technology, it is possible to publish on Blockchain all the information (encrypted) of the IoT device that you wish to audit publicly. The encrypted end-to-end information will also allow tracing the device's behavior if necessary.

Telefónica PKI

Through the PKI of Telefónica, each enabled device will receive in real time a unique certificate associated with the person(s) who operate it at the time. Thanks to these certificates each device can perform end-to-end encryption of connections individually.

GSM M2M Connectivity

Through the SIMs provided by Telefónica, not only the network connectivity of the devices is guaranteed, but also an additional geographical positioning to the GPS that will allow knowing at any time the location of those IoT devices in motion.

How it works

Once the IDoT-Beacon is configured with the sensors and necessary connections with its IoT devices, enabling and managing it from the online platform will be possible with just three simple steps.

Sign up your organization

Sign up your organization for the platform. When done, you will have access to the administration portal of your IDoT-Beacons and you will be able to use all the functionalities provided by IDoT (possession test, geographical positioning, audit on Blockchain, etc ...)

Pair your IDoT Beacons

Once configured according to the needs of your project (sensors, connections, etc.), enabling the IDoT-Beacons will be as simple as scanning them from a mobile phone by using the IDoT app installed and linked to an admin account of your organization.

Track your devices


Once steps 1 and 2 completed, you will be able to track the enabled devices and manage them from the console of your organization. If necessary, you can even disable them remotely to prevent any operation.


The following video shows an example of how an IDoT-Beacon can be used to control and publicly audit the energy consumed (or generated) by a given device.


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